Mario Party Superstars includes a mini game with a unique health warning

Mario Party Superstars will be launched on Switch later this week. The package provides a wide collection of 100 mini-games, and has updated various classic party games with a large number of graphics and audio enhancements.

Although most mini-games are relatively harmless, the recalled mini-games were notorious for causing skin and health problems in the 1990s. As Kotaku pointed out, Tug o’War is being remade in this series, and this time, it comes with a disclaimer.

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Mario Party Superstars includes a mini game with a unique health warning

The tug-of-war competition involves a 1v3 battle with Bowser as 3 players try to pull the rope to the finish line as fast as possible. Previously available on N64, the user had to rotate the analog joystick very quickly. This is a video of how to play the game:

This action caused damage to the hands and palms, causing many people to express their concerns during the game.

Tug-of-war is one of two mini-games mainly responsible for parent complaints. At the time they said that their “children…their hands were cut, stabbed, blistered, and burned due to the intense joystick movement required for certain parts of the multiplayer N64 game.”

Nintendo also had to issue a hotline to encourage players to rotate the thumbstick with their fingers:

Just use your thumb and index finger instead of the palm to manipulate the joystick to avoid injury.

Many users, including @KirbyCheatFurby, Noticed that the reincarnation version of the infamous mini-game has a health warning. This caution encouraged the same actions Nintendo outlined in the 1990s:

To avoid irritating your skin and/or damaging the lever, do not rotate it with the palm of your hand.

In addition to the infamous mode, a series of other mini-games that are beloved by fans have also returned, including “Pushy Penguins” and “Piranha’s Pursuit”. Some of them can be seen in the operation above.

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