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Microsoft re-releases PC Health Check to see if your PC can run Windows 11

Microsoft launched a few months ago PC Health Check App that allows users to quickly check whether their system can be installed correctly Windows 11. The company delisted the app soon, hoping to make some improvements to provide users with more information. With the information provided, users can understand how to enable TPM 2.0 on their system or determine what hardware is blocking them.

It’s been a while, but Microsoft hasroll outThe app’supdated version.It is currently downloaded by Windows Insider Preview, most likely because Windows 11 The operating system itself is currently an Insider Preview (beta) project until it is officially released.Therefore, when Windows 11 When ready to start shipping (or download for most people), the company may have more plans for the app.

As with anything in the “beta”, there is always the possibility of errors here or there.However, the application allows you to perform detailed compatibility checks on the system, including Microsoft Newly added recently added to the list Windows 11 Compatible processor.

If you really want to try it, you can find it here. If your system does meet the strict requirements of the operating system, it will be able to tell you. If not, it will provide you with a detailed list of causes and ways to fix them. Otherwise, you may need new hardware. An example of the latter can be seen in the figure below. This is a powerful system on which we run it, but the processor and motherboard have been in use for about 5 years, and only one generation hasn’t met the requirements.


There are many ways that users can Windows 11 Download to an old computer without security requirements.It involves downloading the official ISO online or installing it using Windows 11 The machine creates a bootable media CD or thumb drive. However, Microsoft warned that due to compatibility issues, these machines may (or may be) blocked from updating (including important security updates). Therefore, although you can find a solution to these requirements, the user does not need to bother about it.

Windows 11 It is scheduled to be released on or around October 20, 2021 (unless there are changes). It will be available for PCs that meet the requirements. The company is pushing for a major security upgrade, which requires a lot of effort if users are running older PCs.

The reason behind this is the brave push to create an additional layer of defense to withstand the serious intrusion of malware and ransomware that affected hundreds of millions of PCs last year. Due to the strict compatibility requirements of alienating the old system, many users angrily oppose these efforts. Therefore, for those who cannot accept that security is becoming more and more necessary than ever in this cybercrime world, this will be a battle between protecting the future or providing customer service.

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