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Microsoft re-releases Windows 11 computer health check tool, adding support for CPU

Want to upgrade your device to Windows 11But not sure Windows 11 Compatibility?Microsoft finally re-released Windows 11 The compatibility check tool is now easy to determine whether the latest version of the operating system is compatible with your device.

Windows 11 Released in June 2021,With new design features, this will make it an attractive upgrade for some users.Microsoft later announced strict requirements for its next operating system. Many users cannot upgrade to Windows 11-The premise is that it does not meet the necessary hardware requirements.

PCs equipped with Intel’s 8th generation core CPU, Ryzen 2000 series and higher are officially supported Windows 11. According to telemetry data from Windows Insiders, Microsoft has now added support for Intel’s 7th generation chips. According to the updated list,Windows 11 It can now run on the following 7th generation chips:

  • Core X series chips.
  • Xeon W series processors.
  • Core i7-7820HQ (on Surface Studio 2 and other devices).

In other words, Microsoft is giving up support for the old and widely used 7th generation Core processors. Also does not support the 6th generation and other processors.In fact, part of Microsoft’s own Surface product line will not meet Windows 11 Conditions for the upgrade.

Microsoft insists on hardware requirements, it looks like old processors will not be officially supported, but the loophole will allow users to install on any device Windows 11.

an examination Windows 11 compatibility

To ensure that your system can run Windows 11, Microsoft has developed a program called “PC Health Check”Tool. With this tool, users can check whether their hardware and software are compatible with the latest version of Windows.


Microsoft has now restored the PC health check tool, which was recently deleted after users complained that the application was not working properly.

The PC Health Check Tool is available for download as part of the company’s Windows Insider program, and it can now be installed to check whether your hardware and software are suitable for Windows 11. If your device is equipped with a newer processor, Windows 11, TPM 2.0, and secure boot are officially supported.

How to use the PC health check tool to check Windows 11 compatibility

To find out if your device supports Windows 11, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings> System> About and verify your architecture.
  2. OpenMicrosoft Download pageAnd choose the correct version PC Health Check. If your device is a 64-bit architecture, please select the first version.
  3. Double-click WindowsPCHealthCheckSetup.msi to install the tool.
  4. In the PC Health Check Tool, click “Check Now” to check compatibility.

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