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Microsoft releases a new version of Win11 to Dev Channel

Windows 11 Pro Where can I download the latest version of the ISO file?how to downloadOriginal pure version of Win11?click to enter Continually updated!

Windows Insiders in the Dev channel havea new one Windows 11 VersionTo be tested. It adds a few small changes, but it’s not a major feature (Android application compatibility) that we are all waiting for. Instead, we continue to get stable small changes.

The new version is 22000.120.This is the fifth official version we have received since the public release in late June Windows 11. No changes are particularly important, and most can be correctly described as basic assembly and completion tasks. For example:

Microsoft store improvements.The Spotlight area at the top of the home page view will now automatically scroll through all promoted content. The game’s product details page has been updated to show more images and information. The ratings and comments dialog has been updated.

File Explorer improved.The File Explorer context (“right-click”) menu has been updated to be more suitable for “mouse users” (such as the entire planet, or not used in its new touch experience) Windows 11 User). In addition, the “New” button in the File Explorer command bar now displays as a single non-nested drop-down menu instead of a nested list.

Chat notification badge.Chat on the default taskbar layout (with Microsoft The team) button will now display a notification badge. Well, at least for some people: In another disappointing example of A/B testing, for some reason, “not everyone sees it immediately in the first place.”

Download the latest versionWindows 11 Pro ISO file:click to enter Continue to update the original pure version of Win11

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