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Microsoft shows off the Windows 11 redesigned photo app

exist Windows 11 Before the release on October 5, Microsoft plans to use WinUI and Fluent Design to transform and update native applications. In addition to the new drawing and screenshot tools,Windows 11 It is expected to also come with a newPhoto appProgram, which will make it easier for users to organize, find and edit their digital photos.

Unlike Windows Photo Viewer,Photo appThe program is designed to be compatible with Microsoft Used in conjunction with cloud storage, it can synchronize photos in real time or help you access photos uploaded from other PCs and connected devices. It also comes with a simple, touch-friendly interface and automatic album creation functions.

exist Windows 11 middle,Photo appThe program adopts a new design, but will retain the core interface of its predecessor.Photo appThe homepage is still divided into five main sections: Collections, Albums, People, Folders, and Video Editor. In any section, you can click on a single photo and open it in a new viewing screen.

Currently, if you want to make changes to the photo, you need to click Edit and Create, and select Edit again.Photo appThe program will take you to the cropped and rotated view, where you can find all the basic image editing functions.


Thankfully, Microsoft redesignedPhoto appThe program will make these editing functions easy to access.

Photo appThe editing functions of the program will now float above the image, giving users access to all basic image editing functions. For example, there is an icon to take you to the “Crop and Rotate” view. You can also use filters or use AI-driven enhancement tools. These options are aligned in the center, so they can be easily viewed on touch screen devices.


Thanks to the new design, it’s now easy to accessPhoto appProgram options. Your most recent photos will be displayed at the bottom, and you can easily view information about the image, such as its size and resolution/pixels. Microsoft has also enabled support for a new feature that will allow users to view multiple photos at the same time.


As mentioned at the beginning,Microsoft Photo appThe program retains its basic functions, so you can look forward to all the existing functions in the new version.

Overall, Microsoft Photos is a good image viewer and editor with all the basic editing functions, but the problems with existing applications boil down to performance issues, causing problems with the experience on low-end PCs.

At present, it is not clear whether Microsoft is also working to improve the performance and stability of the native image viewer application.

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