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Microsoft Teams is getting video filters, improved profile cards and more

Microsoft Teams has become a popular choice for collaboration and video conferencing solutions in 2021. It may be used for meetings, online courses, events, and even personal meetings with friends. The Teams client is regularly updated with new features, and the next major version may introduce support for filters that are already available in Zoom.

Microsoft Teams filter support is expected to improve your meeting experience. As you know, filters are very popular in Snapchat and Facebook Messenger. Filters usually consist of cool or weird graphics or animations covering the video. but,Microsoft The filter will focus on professionals, so the filter will only increase the level of lighting.

According to the road map,Microsoft Teams filter support will be launched in March 2021. This feature will allow users to adjust their lighting levels and facial features before joining the meeting. For example, you can use the new Teams feature to smooth facial features or customize the appearance.

The Teams filter is especially useful for people who use low-resolution cameras or have dark backgrounds.

In addition, Microsoft is also testing real-time and post-meeting recording support for GCC users.

Microsoft is in the updated roadmapExpress: “This will help users recall what was said during the meeting in real time, and review the meeting afterwards.”

Other upcoming features are:

  • You can quickly find the local time of the people in your organization. This information will be displayed on the profile card.
  • Microsoft is adding a new feature to the iOS client to automatically answer incoming meeting prompts when the video is opened.
  • Microsoft Research is underway for end-to-end encryption for real-time media collaboration. Once enabled, the communication between the two parties will be encrypted end-to-end in the Teams application.

In addition to these quality improvements,Microsoft Teams is still thereWindows and macOS have gained support for push-to-talk, but this new feature is expected to be implemented at least until February 2022.

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