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Modern media players for Windows 11 are now available for more users

Microsoft recently announced a Windows 11 The new media player, which replaced Groove Music, should be the successor of the famous Windows media player. The media player has been rolled out to testers running Windows 11 Dev Channel, but user reports indicate that the new application is now also for non-internal personnel.

A new update will Windows Media Player softwareThe requirement is set to Windows 11 Build 22000, which means you can now pass Microsoft Store installs the application. If you don’t see the update in the app store, as long as the device is running Build 22000.346 or higher, you should be able to install the app manually.

Windows Media Player was teased for the first time in a live podcast stream, and Microsoft officially announced the redesign in November 2021. The company has tested the Media Player for more than two months, and it seems to work normally. In addition, the new update of the media player supports system accent colors.

The new media player is specially built for Windows 11. It uses WinUI elements, rounded corners, etc.Currently, the media player is only available for Windows 11, but it will also arrive without rounded corners and mica themes Windows 10Suitable for the background of the application.

Media player replaces Groove Music

It is worth noting that the new media player will replace the existing Groove music player and automatically import all its databases after the update, including playlists or media locations you have saved.

Remember, the classic Windows Media Player will not be everywhere. If you prefer the classic Windows Media Player, you can still enable it from the “Optional Settings”, although it goes without saying that the old Media Player will be removed from the operating system in a future version.

As mentioned at the beginning, Media Player is now available for Windows 11 Build 22000.If you don’t see the update in the Store, you can downloadheredownload.

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