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NICKMERCS calls Vanguard’s “worst group” to search and destroy communities

Call of Duty games, such as Pioneer, have many modes. The most popular games include deathmatch, search and destruction, and free for everyone. NICKMERCS frequents Search and Destroy, but he has something to say about its community.

He did not flinch, now that “Call of Duty: Vanguard” is out, he has some opinions to share. Although he was obviously angry and might not be what he meant, he went a long way in this matter.

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Pioneer search and destroy

Let’s take a look at the tweet body:

It is quite hostile and sends a message: stay away from search and destruction. In Call of Duty, there are always cheaters in every lobby, so is search and destruction really that bad? Obviously.

Dillon’Attach’ Price also confirmed that hackers have destroyed the community. His tweet read:

Although most people in the comments agree, I don’t believe that any community is worse than another. Until anti-cheating stops them in some way (which doesn’t do much), we won’t see this kind of thing change with Call of Duty.

If there are no cheaters in the search and destruction, they are likely to return to the team game. I think this is just something we have to endure.

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