How to Fix: OnePlus Watch GPS not working or accurate

In addition to smartphones and other accessories, OnePlus also offers a series of smart watches, which is becoming very popular for its stylish design and good performance. The OnePlus watch has similar features to other smartwatches on the market, including app support, notification support, and GPS support. It becomes a useful technology companion to support you and keep you on top of your mobile activities with all these features. But many users are facing some GPS related issues where their OnePlus Watch GPS is not working or not accurate. This is a serious problem, because without GPS features like live tracking, location tracking, and maps will not work properly.

Many professions use the OnePlus Watch for the sole purpose of tracking their daily physical activities. The watch has multiple functions, such as a heart rate sensor, SPO2 sensor, and foot count sensor, showing important health updates. While there are many more important functions, such as location tracking, device finder, and other location-related mapping services, which will not work properly if the GPS on your OnePlus watch is not working. .

Solution: OnePlus Watch GPS is not working or is inaccurate

If you are using your OnePlus Watch primarily to check location / map services, you should be aware that you may experience issues with satellite connection due to the high altitudes. Some of the common areas where you might have trouble with GPS are indoor malls, underground areas, etc. Here are some ways to solve this problem.

Fix 1: Reset the clock

GPS is a tricky feature, and if two apps are using the same feature at the same time, it can create temporary issues. Better to restart the devices and see if the problem persists to resolve these issues.

Fix 2: Install pending updates

Another update is rolling out for the OnePlus Watch, but instead of bringing new features, it aims to fix some issues that disconnect the smartwatch. This update ships with version number B.62 and includes a potential fix for “accuracy and speed” as it relates to GPS positioning. The update also includes a variety of design changes to various aspects of the user interface.

An article on the OnePlus forums details all the upcoming changes. Here’s the full changelog of what you can expect to find:

  • Design
    • Optimize the design details of some dials, make them look better, and add some information such as date;
    • Optimize the layout of some interface buttons, making them more intuitive and convenient to use;
    • The newly designed volume control function makes adjustment easier and convenient;
    • Optimize the remote control camera interface;
  • Workout
    • Improved the accuracy and speed of GPS positioning

The OnePlus Watch has turned out to be a bit of a bum on many accounts, as it has been lost without many of the features one would expect. These features highlight things like an always-on display and dedicated training modes. We had high hopes for the latest OnePlus wearable device, hoping it would join the ranks of the best Android smartwatches. Sadly, that just didn’t happen, after recent updates tried to fix the issues.

The company says update B.62 is first rolling out to a “small percentage of users” before being made available to more OnePlus Watch owners in the “next few days.” . Thank you, you will not have to try to update the update as it will arrive over the air and be available on your connected phone for installation.

Fix 3: Grant GPS / location permissions

To use GPS services with any app, you must grant these permissions to the app. Suppose you are using Google Maps, then to get your current location the app will ask for GPS permissions. So make sure that these permissions are available for the app.

  • Open the Settings app on your OnePlus watch and navigate to GPS / location.
  • Activate access to all the applications available there.

Fix 4: Check Internet Services

Internet is also required for GPS to work properly. In some cases, GPS will work without an Internet connection, but the accuracy of this data is limited. To make sure your location data is correct at all times, turn on Internet services while using GPS related applications.


GPS is one of the most important features of any smartwatch. It is important that this works, because without this feature maps and location tracking will not work. I’m sure the above methods will help you solve the problem. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the hardware will fail. So check with your local service center for any hardware failure of the GPS.

Why is my GPS not accurate?

Location issues are often caused by a weak GPS signal. … If you can’t see the sky, you’ll have a weak GPS signal and your position on the map might not be correct. Navigate to Settings > Location > and make sure Location is ON. Navigate to Settings > Loction > Sources Mode and tap High Accuracy.

Does OnePlus Watch have GPS?

The OnePlus Watch is now getting an update that brings along an improved watch experience. The update brings improved GPS performance, improved accuracy of activity tracking, and a lot more.

How can I make my GPS more accurate?

To help Google Maps find your location with the most accurate blue dot, use high accuracy mode.

Turn on high accuracy mode
1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Settings app .
2. Tap Location.
3. At the top, switch location on.
4. Tap Mode. High accuracy.

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