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Optimal controller settings for Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is a classic of Xbox. Unlike many FPS games, it is traditionally played on a controller. So, what is the optimal controller setting for Halo Infinite?

We have been playing since the launch of “Zhiyuan Xing Heroes”. For this controller setup, we will adopt the classic Halo style. This is the button mapping and other settings we use.

Halo Infinite Button Mapping

Here is the button mapping we used for Halo Infinite:



View button (select) Scoreboard
Menu button (start) Game menu/text chat
LT Skyrocket
lb Throw grenade
Broadcast time firearm
RB Melee
Left stick press sprint
Right putter Squat/Slide
Arrow key up Mark/ping
Arrow left Switch grenade
Arrow right Switchgear
Arrow key down Artificial intelligence scanning
and Switch weapon/drop
Second use equipment
A sort of Jump
X Reload/vent/interact

From the default control scheme, all you need to do is Toggle crouch/slide, melee and use device button mapping.

We like this because once you get used to it, it will make melee attacks more reliable. Crouching is far less common, because you will be walking or jogging most of the time on the map anyway, so when you like to crouch, you can press that button and then squat down.

Sensitivity and acceleration

Your sensitivity and acceleration control must be correct to distinguish you from others in the game. You want to be able to catch the target quickly, but you need to move the front sight accurately enough to hit the target. This is a tricky balance. The following are the job settings:



See acceleration 4
Visual sensitivity (level) 5.5
Visual acuity (vertical) 5.5
Center dead zone (moving thumb stick) 3.5
Maximum input threshold (moving thumbstick) 10.0
Axial dead zone (moving thumb stick) 3.5
Central dead zone (look at the thumb stick) 3.5
Maximum input threshold (Look Thumbstick) 15.0
Axial dead zone (Look Thumbstick) 3.5

Some of it may sound a bit sluggish, so that’s what it means. The dead zone on each joystick refers to how far the thumb joystick needs to be from the center of the controller before entering the registration.My controller is very low, because my controller is fairly new, but If you experience rocker drift, Improve your dead zone In which area is needed.

With the maximum input threshold, you are referring to how close you want the maximum value to be to the edge of the fingertip movement range.You hope this is a Your styling stick is more valuable, Because you will gain more control throughout the range, which is essential for correct aiming. On the mobile joystick, you don’t need that high precision, and you want to move at maximum speed more easily.

Come on then! Enjoy your time on the Halo Infinite controller and hope your results will start to improve! Now that you are ready to continue, why not learn more about how to quickly upgrade and earn XP in Halo Infinite?

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