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Pokémon Unite Decidueye Build – Best objects and actions

the best Pokémon Unite Decidueye build On the way.A few months in advance, teased and leaked, the game’s Twitter account finally comfirmed Arrow Quill Pokémon will land on Aeos Island on November 19. That was about four weeks after the launch of Meta Monster Greedent.

Like all other new Pokémon before, we hope Decidueye will make a mark in the game. By following these Pokémon Unite Decidueye build options, you will be able to easily master (or fight against) new combatants.

Looking for more Pokémon Unite content? If you haven’t played for a while, you might want to read some other new Pokémon builds. Blissey, Blastoise, Mamovine, and Sylveon all overturned the original game. Whether you want to play them or learn how to beat them, our guide will show you how to do it. And be sure to check their position in the Pokémon Unite layer list. This is some good information at a glance that you can get in every battle.

Pokémon Unite Decidueye Moveset

Without knowing the actions Decidueye will bring to the battlefield of Aeos Island, we cannot have the Pokémon Unite Decidueye build guide. Although we currently do not have specific evidence and correctly named attacks, we do have official videos of some of these actions.

By correlating them with known Decidueye actions in other Pokémon games, we can make educated guesses about how this creature will perform in Pokémon Unite.

  • Evil arrow
    • A form of Z-Move Sinister Arrow Raid from Decidueye of Pokémon Sun/Moon Game looks like it will return here. It takes some time to launch, so you need to aim ahead of the target location.
  • Shadow Sneak
    • As a ghost attribute Pokémon, it looks like Decidueye can attack while moving with Shadow Sneak. This should be a good final blow or retreat combination.
  • Leaf storm
    • This is not to throw a storm at the target, but to cover the Decidueye in the storm, which may cause damage to enemies in the melee range, while making Decidueye’s basic attacks bounce to nearby enemies
  • Leaf blade (joint movement)
    • In terms of length and lens zoom, Leaf Blade will be Decidueye’s Unite Move. It is a series of long-range leaves like razor leaves, but it lasts longer, causes more damage, and ends with the last powerful attack. For this, you need to use someone like Slowbro to fix the target.

What is the role of Decidueye in Pokémon Unite?

On the surface, Decidueye will be another remote attacker. Although we want it to use Attack stat instead of Sp. Attack power statistics of its competitor Jin Xing. This is far from proven. Decidueye can push it into the Speedster category with the mobility of Shadow Sneak, and even consolidate it as an all-rounder. We won’t know until the launch date.

Pokémon Unite Decidueye Build



Eject button This lifeline applies to almost all Pokémon. Especially the glass cannon type.
Buddy barrier Decidueye became a sitting duck during its Unite Move. The shields of self and allies will help it reach its full potential.
Razor Claw Given that it seems that Decidueye’s basic attack can hit multiple distant opponents, Razer Claw will help crush the team.
Energy amplifier It seems that Decidueye will charge its Unite Move as quickly as Cinderace. After that, the energy amplifier will help complete any survivors.

It is too early to finalize a reliable Pokémon Unite Decidueye build. Come back at launch for proper loading. However, before that, we have seen enough from the character previews to speculate theoretically what might be effective. At least in terms of combat items and possession items. Please refer to the table above.

This is the content of this Pokémon Unite Decidueye build guide. Again, be sure to check back when you get closer to the release. Once the final action set comes out, we will have a better understanding of how this new Pokémon will be played and which items will or will not apply to its overall strategy.

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