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Publishers should not count on the “redemption arc” to save their games

Everyone likes the story of the loser. The story of someone cheering up, facing adversity and overcoming difficulties is a story that we as a society never seem to get bored because of how inspiring they are. For video games,The redemption arc is more complicated.

On the one hand, some games have successfully reversed their fate. In these games, the developers did not give up after the failed release, fulfilling their promise of continuous improvement of the game until it really became what it should be. On the other hand, these game redemption arcs may take years to achieve. Entering 2022, the gaming field is no longer a sustainable development venue for those long-tailed success stories.


Perhaps the best thing about modern games is how easy it is for developers to solve problems in the game after the game is released. Back in the days of cassettes and early disk-based games, the games sold were static. Unless the developer decides to release a new physical version with changes-this is a costly and extreme measure-otherwise the final printed game must be consistent with the time, money, and resources of the studio to produce it.Now, a game isNo firstDay patchofSituationIt is even rarer to come out, not to mention the roadmap for the future DLC.

This convenience saves some games from disaster.The player always points toNo one’s sky, thisThere are good reasons. The game’s developers and eagerly buying players have hyped it beyond reasonable expectations. When it was launched, it was almost completely different from what fans expected, and the recoil was disastrous. If Hello Games doesn’t-or can’t-do something, it may have no future in the game. Developers lower their heads and start working, draw free extensions before free extensions, until the game is satisfied,And go beyondWhat was originally promised.

The examples don’t stop there. “Final Fantasy 14”, “Destiny 2”, “Rainbow Six: Siege”Etc. are disappointing to varying degrees, but due to the continuous efforts of the team behind them, theyNow more than everAllmore popular. Even so, these types of transitions will only become more difficult to happen, and I doubt that by next year they will no longer be possible.

The best time to plant a tree


In an ideal world, the game will start in good form and then get better over time-there is no need for a “redemption” arc. This is not the reality of our lives. Some games won’t be put together as the developers want, whether it’s because of a rushed timetable or a plan that just fell through. This is exactly the “No man’s sky》And other “gold standard” games, but the game is getting more and more difficult to complete this journey.

This is a matter of time. These games came out a few years ago, even in “Final Fantasy XIVThe case came out ten years agoof. They have plenty of time to win back goodwill and improved players.pictureNew worldHow does such a brand new MMO interact withFFXIVGame competition? A game with three or four years of development time cannot provide as much as another game with the same development time, plus five or six years of support.

For a recent example, take a lookBattlefield 2042 , Its release is very difficult.Why is it a one or two years latermaybeGames that get better pay full price, and some shooting games actually run well and finish faster than ever before?Why not stick to likeRainbow Six SiegeHow about those games that have experienced growing pains like this? In most cases, game players have also realized this. Since the release,Battlefield 2042The player base of has fallen off the cliff, and it’s hard to imagine that they will come back soon.

It’s important to note that this is a battlefield game we’re talking about, not something likeNo man’s skySuch unknown or new IP .If one of the biggest shooting games ever cannot accommodate its players, what hope is there for any other game that dared to appear in a difficult state?

In Cyberpunk 2077, a character rides a motorcycle along an empty street.

Gamers are more skeptical than ever, and it doesn’t help. We know that developers have seen these success stories, and assume that whether it is right or wrong, the “Battlefield 2042Putting such a game in an unfinished state is a deliberate move. It feels like the publisher wants to launch a game as early as possible, get as many early sales as possible, and then slowly fix it over time and get support to improve it gradually. For CD Projekt RedandCyber​​punk 2077 for, This is aBackfireStrategy that makes players feeltoosensitive.

To make matters worse, the developers cannot even guarantee that these games will be fixed for a long time.We were told-even if a complete road map was given-AnthemHow to solve its problems and become a complete experience, but the game’sMajor updateBefore implementationgot canceled. That game is a dead shell, and it will always be.


The first impression will be everything in 2022. I don’t need to tell you in the absolute killer game lineup released in the first half of the year alone, any game that dares to appear in a broken state will win. No time of day is given. There are too many functions, old game players have become addicted, and the competition for new games has reached a fierce level.

whenFinal Fantasy XIVWhen it was first launched and almost died on the vine, the situation was completely different.It lost a lot of players, just like we are nowBattlefield 2042As you see,But even a few years ago,The competition also looks very different.For example, in the MMO field, there are basically onlyWorld of WarcraftIn the leadstatus, And some left behind are fighting for the debris. exist”Battlefield 2042 “In the case of “Call of Duty”And “Halo Infinity”Release only a few weeks apart.

This does not even take into account the free-to-play market that is gaining more and more attention.When free games not only run better, they also work better thanBattlefield 2042When such a full-price game has more content, it’s not pretty at all. Observe them in a vacuum, “Battlefield 2042It is no different from all those popular games, but expectations, competition, and the wisdom of gamers make it more difficult for the game to regain trust.

The market is not a place where players need to settle for less experience and want it to be better. It will be easier to move on from a failed game and never come back. Who has time to play so many other games?The story of the video game “Redemption” may be a thing of the past, there are more champions to goNational anthemThe way if they don’t get it right the first time.

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