Repair Windows Hello Face: This option is currently unavailable

Windows Hello Face Is a popular application that can use high-quality technology to prove the important security of your PC and private data.However, it seems that some users cannot Windows 11 Use face unlock in.

According to them, in Windows 11 It is not possible to use face unlock in. More precisely, this is the news they got:

We can’t find anything with Windows Hello Face Compatible camera.

In the image below, you can see how this error usually manifests itself on a Windows PC:


Why Windows 11 middle Windows Hello Face Option unavailable?

There are some reasons why your Windows Hello Face Currently at Windows 11 Not available in. In the following section, we have prepared a dedicated list to give you a clearer understanding of this topic.

1. Random and temporary errors

First, we can talk about random and temporary errors, which may often occur on your operating system or hardware components. These can be easily resolved by following some simple steps described later in this article.

2. Bad general Windows updates

In addition, you must consider that bad regular Windows updates can also damage your software. If your application or program runs abnormally, it may indicate that your operating system is not updated to the latest version.

Check out this complete article to understandInstall Windows 11 How long will the update take.

3. Corrupted driver

Windows Hello Face One of the most common reasons why the option is currently unavailable may be that the webcam driver is corrupted during the upgrade process.

Windows 11 Drivers are the backbone that supports your applications and programs to run normally on your operating system.

If there is a problem with their design, it will also affect your other related hardware and software tools, including Windows Hello Face.

If you notice that this application is currently Windows 11 Is not available, then you should definitely consider some valuable options. To find the best option, be sure to review this article in its entirety.

if Windows Hello Face Currently unavailable, what should I do?

1. Restart your computer

As mentioned earlier, this error may sometimes occur due to some random and temporary errors related to the integrated camera.

Therefore, the first option you should try is to restart your computer and then see if the application is stuck.

However, if this method fails to make your Windows Hello Face Currently at Windows 11 Available in, please continue to the next steps.

2. Check for Windows updates

  1. according toWindowskey, Then openset up.1A6wmXLPXV-2
  2. Go toWindows update.2PqDh14dZY-1-1
  3. Click onCheck for updates.98wL9E589g-1-2

With this option, your operating system will automatically scan for new available updates. You should wait for a while until all suggestions are updated, and then restart your PC.

if Windows Hello Face It is a random error caused by a general poor update, which may work.

3. Run dedicated troubleshooting

  1. Openset up.
  2. Go tosystem, Then clickTroubleshoot.VcZDVU7Cnv-2
  3. chooseOther troubleshooting.Other-troubleshooters-5
  4. Check”camera”Section, and then click “run”Button.yGn6qAjXNq-1

because Windows Hello Face It can help you set up a more secure environment with facial authentication, so some camera issues may cause errors. With this in mind, running a troubleshooting program can support you in searching and making specific suggestions.

4. Update the camera driver

  1. according toWindowskey,enterDevice manager, And then open it.pelMKxJfmE-1-2
  2. UnfoldCamerasSection, then right-click on the integrated camera and selectUpdate driver.
  3. Click onAutomatically search for drivers.EvOZ0Raus1-1-2

The device driver is the most important part, allowing you to use the hardware and software environment in the best way.

If your Windows Hello Face Currently at Windows 11 Is not available, keeping your drivers up-to-date will definitely make a difference.To automatically scan for missing or outdated drivers, we recommend using DriverFix.

5. Reinstall Windows 11

  1. Openset up.
  2. Go to “system”And select “recover”.WHYwkaxk9I-1-2
  3. CheckReset this PCOption and clickReset PCButton.LiJQ6VJGEg-1-1

Windows Hello Face how to work?

A typical password means there is a huge risk of being broken or stolen, so Windows Hello Face Can help you set important boundaries for the attack surface.

This function uses 3D structured light to design Microsoft The user’s facial model. Then, apply anti-spoofing techniques to limit the success of the cloning head.

Here you can see Windows Hello Face The most important benefits for you:

  • It turns out that facial recognition is one of the safest methods for Windows devices.
  • A user-friendly interface that provides you with a single sign-on form of verification to unlock your Microsoft Passport.
  • Corporate Visit Microsoft Passport Pro supports content, including network resources, websites, and payment tools.
  • With the help of IR, it can provide consistent images under various lighting conditions. It also includes subtle changes in appearance, including facial hair, makeup, and other important features.

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