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Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Level List-Ranking of all 7DS characters

This Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Rank List Two and a half years after its initial release, it has grown to a huge height. Entering as a new player at this point may be overwhelming, but by cross-referencing your first few pulls and the latest character rankings, you will be able to quickly determine what is a victory and what is wasted.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross is a turn-based role-playing game developed by Netmarble for mobile devices. This is the driving force behind two large-scale mobile versions this year: Marvel Future Revolution and Seven Knights 2. Just like the latter of the two, there is an official PC version as well.

If you like anime mobile games, please check our list of the best gashapon games for more information. We also have some of the largest versions of the guide; like Cookie Run: Kingdom layer list, Slime Isekai layer list, and for the aforementioned Netmarble version, there is also a Seven Knights 2 layer list.

The Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross Tier List – Best SSR Hero



second Ban (Purgatory), Escanor (The One), Gowther (Halloween), Fairy King (Harlequin), Ludociel (Festival), Merlin (Festival), Elizabeth (Goddess), Gowther (Festival), Mediodas (Assault Mode), Sariel, Tamil)
One Arthur (New King), Arthur (Excalibur), Brunhild, Chandler, Cusack (Festival), Derry (right), Diane (Twilight of the Gods), Eleven, Amy Leah, Escano, Estalosa, Gose, Iori, Kyo, Ludosir, Meliodas, Matrona (Halloween), Megulda, Merlin (Summer), Merlin (Twilight of the Gods) Ram, Rem, Roxy, Shin, Sigurd, Halloween Slater, Terry, Valenti (MK-II), Zandris (holiday)
Second Arthur (the new king), Arthur, Ben (nunchaku), Death Piercing, Derry (B), Derry (G), Diane (G), Diane (Halloween), Droll (B) ), Droll (G), Eastin (B), Eastin (G), Eastin (Awakened), Elizabeth (Princess), Escanor (R), Ellate (R), Fraudrin (B), Gloxinia (R) , Hawk (G), Helbram (G), Hendrickson (Demon), Howzer (Holy Knight), Howzer (R), Jericho (G), Guardian Jericho (R), King (B), King (G), King ( New Wings), Lillia (B), Liz (G), Melascula (R), Meliodas (Demon), Meliodas (Lostvayne), Merlin (G), Merlin (R), Mono (G), Monspeet (G), Nanashi (B), Thonar (G), Valenti (G), Zaneri (G), Zaratas (G), Zeldris (R)
C Athena (G), Nunchuck Ban (G), Nunchuck Ban (Red), Beatrice (B), Camila (R), Deldry (R), Denzel (R), Giant Diane (B), Giant Diane (G), Diane (Wedding), Eastin (R), Elaine (B), Elaine (R), Elizabeth (R), Hawk and Elizabeth (B), Hawk and Elizabeth (Red), Eren (G), Estarossa (R), Fraudrin ( G), Galland (B), Galland (R), Gloxinia (G), Helbram (B), Helbram (R), Guardian Jericho, Jim (R), King (R), Levi (R), Lillia (G) , Lillia (R), Mai (B), Melascula (B), Meliodas (G) Demon Meliodas (G), Demon Meliodas (R), Merlin (B), Mikasa (B), Mono (B), Mono (R ) ), Monspeet (R), Osla & Hawk (B), Oslo & Hawk (R), Summer Roxy (B), Rugal (G), Slater (B), Shin (R), Valenti (B), Will ( G) ), Seldris (B)
D Ban (B), Ban (G), Bellion (B), Benimaru (R), Diane (B), Diane (R), Elaine (G), Christmas Elaine (R), Princess Elizabeth (B), Princess Elizabeth ( R), Gerharde (G), Gilthunder (R), Gowther (B), Griamore (G), Guila (G), Guila (R), Hendrickson (B), Janna (B), old fart king (B), Old fart king (G), old fart king (R), Matrona (B), Meliodas (R), Mike (R),
F Milim (B), Limru (B), Roxy (R)

Our Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross rank list uses popular rank lists as a basis, and adjusts based on player feedback on the Internet. To reduce bloat and keep it relatively simple, our version only contains SSR characters.

Based on experience, roles in limited-time events or festive gas-caps banners are often the best. However, over time, the usual gashapon creep can counteract this, so older active units may not occupy higher positions in the rank list compared to their more modern counterparts.

Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross List-The best hero for new players



second Gilsand (G), Allen (B)
One Marmus (B), Slater (R), Allioni (G), Griamore (R), Guila (B), Gustav (G), Hendrickson (G), Jericho (B), Jericho (R)
Second Taizoo (R), Meliodas, (B), Twigo (R), Vivian (R), Arthur (B), Cain (G), Dogedo (R), Dreyfus (R), Elizabeth (R), Hawk & Elizabeth ( R), Hawk & Elizabeth (R), Gilthunder (B), Gowther (G), Griamore (R), Guila (B), Gustav (G), Hendrickson (G), Jericho (B) Jericho (R)
C Weinheidt (B), Dreyfus (G), Howzer (B), Rimuru (G),
D Jillian (G), Arden (B), Ban (R), Giant Diane (R)
F Freesia (B), Griamore (B), Hauser (G), Hugo (G), Jude (R)

For beginners, we have created a separate list of the Seven Deadly Sins below, which contains valuable SR and R characters in the game. Although you will have many opportunities to spot some of the top SSR units on our list early, limited resources will make it worthwhile to invest in key SR and R characters in the opening part of the game.

It is worth noting that in the above two lists of the seven deadly sins, we condensed the color attributes of each character into a single letter at the end of each entry. Most characters have multiple versions, such as holiday replacements or simple recoloring, and as more and more versions are released, they can create long and awkward names.

If you see a character with only their name and color, it is a relatively standard basic unit. Most characters whose unit names consist of two or more words are likely to be a special unit, such as a character in a time-limited event, which usually ranks higher than most basic units.

What is an excellent 7DSGC hero of gold farming?

If you want to optimize your 7DSGC golden farm operation, then Howzer (R) or Red Howzer is your best choice. Due to his Rising Storm attack, this SSR unit is considered the best choice for PVE farming.

Given that the game is very focused on PVE content, if you don’t have him yet, then grabbing him from the coin store should be the top priority. Even so, grabbing multiple copies will only make him more effective, while maximizing his ultimate ability. Do your best to increase his Pierce rate statistics, you will bounce his rising storm damage output, making gold coin farming a breeze.

No need to go deep into the battle mechanics and more detailed information about the progress of new players. A brief introduction to the Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross rank list should get you on the right path, whether you are a new player, returning to a veteran, or just looking for professionals to see if you are scattered Of the community’s view of the current roster of roles.

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