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FIX : Split Screen Does Not Work in Windows 11?

Microsoft’s Windows 11 The operating system allows you to start up to four or six windows at the same time by dividing the screen into different parts.

Using Snap Layouts, which is directly built into the maximize button of each window, you can split the screen faster and easier.

By default, the Snap windows feature may be active on the operating system, but it is best to double check before proceeding with more complex troubleshooting methods.

Before entering the solution to the split screen problem, let’s take a lookWindows 11Is there a tablet mode in.

Windows 11 middletabletWhat happened to the model?

According to Microsoft,tabletThe mode has been removed from the operating system.Can no longer be Windows 11 Use this feature in.

This is Windows 11 Will not supporttabletSigns of?No, it fully supports touch devices andtablet.

The point is, as long as you starttabletRemove the keyboard,Windows 11 Will automatically change its user interface to accommodatetablet.The original will be activated by defaulttabletEach function of the pattern.

However, you will not be able to manually activate this feature. Conversely, when you remove the keyboard from the device,Windows 11 The user interface (UI) is automatically optimized for touch control.

In other words, when using Windows 10 Time, we can also on the desktopcomputerUse ontabletmodel. on the other hand,Windows 11 You cannot do this.

If the split screen is Windows 11 Does not work, what should I do?

1. Enable the Snap window

  1. according toWindows+IKey to open the settings app and go tosystemAnd look for multitasking.
  2. After entering the multitasking window, toggle the toggle button to enableSnap WindowsOption and click on it to see a drop-down menu with all detailed split schemes.

Install on your computer Windows 11 Later, this feature should be enabled by default, but due to some errors or personal errors, this option was eventually disabled. After enabling it, you can retry the split screen.

2. Restart explorer.exe

  1. Press on the keyboardWindows + SKey and type Task Manager, And then click the most relevant result.
  2. After opening in the Task Manager window, go to details Tab and find the task of Explorer.exe.Once you find it, right click on it and select End Task.
  3. Now go to File and select Run new task.
  4. Enter explorer and click Sure.

After closing the window and restarting explorer.exe, the problem should be resolved. However, if it still exists, you should restart your computer completely and see what happens next.

3. Run SFC Scan

  1. according to Windows + S Key to open the search bar, then type cmd And right click on the most relevant result to run it as an administrator.cmd-search-admin-3-3
  2. Type or paste the following command and press Enter:
    sfc /scannowsfc-scan-windows-11-3-1

4. Adjust the screen size

  1. according toWindows+IKey to open the “Settings” application and go to “system”And look for the “Display” option.
  2. After entering the “Display” window, scroll down until you encounter “Proportion and layout”Section and modify the “proportion” value. You can set it to the recommended value or a smaller value.

Close the “Settings” window and try the split screen again.Or you can try toScaleChange the value to a value higher than the recommended value to see if the problem at hand can be solved.

Windows 11 What is missing?

exist Windows 11 , Microsoft promised to elevate the Windows experience to a new level of sophistication.and Windows 10 compared to,Windows 11 Many enhancements have been made to the design and usability.

However, it is not without flaws,Windows 10 Consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of several functions.

Windows 11 Canceled manymission BoardFunction, but the biggest shock is the inability to adjust the taskbar. As you can see, the taskbar can only be fixed at the bottom of the screen at this time.

Another missing feature that many users hope to recover is the taskbar menu that once appeared when the right mouse button was clicked on the taskbar.When you are Windows 11 When you right-click the taskbar in the middle, you will only see the taskbar setting options at this time.

In addition, in Windows 10 , You can drag and drop the file onto the application icon in the taskbar, and then open the file in the application.Although this feature has changed from Windows 11 Deleted from the media, but fans still strongly demand to restore it.

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