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The 5 best new GoPro Hero 10 Black features I like to use

When I reviewed in SeptemberGoPro Hero 10 BlackAt that time, I couldn’t help but praise it.Although this is obviouslyHero 9It’s an evolutionary update, but Hero 10 has far surpassed its predecessor and can provide very real advantages. With 5.3K 60 frames per second, upgraded image stabilization and impressive cloud storage integration, it is undoubtedly the most powerful sports camera at present.

However, in the past few months, GoPro has not been satisfied with the status quo. During that time, they provided major firmware upgrades and even hardware upgrades after release. Hero 10 has changed so much since its initial release, it’s worth taking a look to see what else you can get from the cameras here at the end of 2021.

Maximum super view

GoPro Hero 10 has a 4:3 format sensor, but today most videos are displayed in 16:9 aspect ratio. This usually means either cropping the image or placing a black bar on one side of the display. GoPro’s Superview mode stretches the edges of the image so that you can utilize the entire 4:3 sensor area, but display it on a 16:9 screen at the cost of a fisheye effect.

The new Max Superview function basically eliminates some limitations of this mode in terms of resolution and frame rate. You can now shoot up to 5.3K resolution at 60 fps. I went out to photograph my pet goat herd, and the effect of the lens left a deep impression on me.

24 frames per second

The ability to shoot at 24 fps is a welcome update to Hero 10. This allows you to capture the same frame rate as the movie for a more cinematic look. It also provides a very practical advantage for low-light shooting, because the camera can collect more light at a slower frame rate. Shooting at 24 fps does help to capture clear, low-noise shots of our new wild rescue kittens in the dim interior of the greenhouse where we keep them. I also tested it by shooting a display of holiday lights in the front yard.

When I want more flexibility in the speed and duration of post-processing, another potential use I might have is to record time-lapse videos. Using 24 fps reduces the amount of space occupied by such time-lapse videos.

Maximum lens module support

If you want a wider field of view than Superview provides, and the ability to shoot Hypersmooth videos at an ultra-wide angle, then what you need is Max Lens Mod. As promised, GoPro has added support for this accessory to Hero 10. It provides you with a 155-degree field of view and a horizon lock function, which can keep your horizon straight even if the camera is rotated 360 degrees.

Performance improvement

In October, GoPro introduced more options to improve the performance of Hero 10 in different scenarios. The highest video performance mode prioritizes frame rate, resolution, and image quality, while the tripod video mode is designed for situations where the camera does not move and is not cooled by airflow. The extended battery mode limits the frame rate and resolution so that the camera can maximize the recording time of the battery, thereby maximizing the recording time.

GoPro Enduro battery.

Endurance battery

Enduro batteries can be used with Hero 10 and Hero 9 cameras to provide significant performance improvements in cold temperatures and extend battery life in less extreme weather. This means that on average, in 14 degrees Fahrenheit weather, the Enduro battery can provide 56 minutes of 5.3K 60 fps video recording, 50 minutes of 4K 120 fps recording, 76 minutes of 4K 60 fps recording, and 115 minutes of 1080p 30 fps recording. At moderate temperatures, the performance of Enduro batteries is 40% higher than standard batteries, depending on the resolution and frame rate.

Final thoughts

GoPro Hero 10 is sturdy and durable.
Andy Zahn/Digital Trends

These updates have indeed cemented Hero 10 Black’s position as the most powerful action camera at the moment, and show that GoPro is very committed to listening to user feedback and supporting their products after launch. I like this camera very much. I use it for everything from recording video blog-style videos to adventure shots to capturing FPV drone shots. Even in the modern world where we have amazingly powerful smartphone cameras, there are still rugged and versatile sports cameras, such as GoPro Hero 10.

If you already own Hero 10 Black, if you are out for winter sports activities, now is a good time to take advantage of its upgraded features.

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