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The best guns and weapons of the Halo Infinite campaign

Look for The best guns of the Halo Infinite campaignMost of the weapons that chieftains encounter in Zeta Halo have the same role in the battle as they do in multiplayer, but the nature of the enemy means that some of the heavier types have a chance to shine. Things that do not work well on human-controlled fast-moving Spartans are very suitable for handling some of Halo Infinite’s slow-moving bosses.

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Top-best Halo infinite battle weapon

These are the best, mainly energy items, but there are also some ordinary weapons.

Gravity hammer

For the same reason, Gravity Hammer can be useful in multiplayer games and campaigns. It has a huge range of action, in most cases, it can kill the enemy immediately. The only downside is that the hammer loses power after a few swings, so make sure you have a good backup.

Energy sword

The energy sword can also destroy the enemy in one blow, but it is insufficient in AoE. It uses a clever sprint action to make up the gap between you and your target. However, it will also run out of energy after multiple uses.

S7 sniper

The S7 sniper rifle is more useful in battles than in multiplayer games, thanks to Zeta Halo’s open world design and the tendency of exiles to not move fast or effectively hunt you down. The campaign allows you to camp more and pick enemies from a distance, but once the ammunition runs out, you will need a strong back-up.

M41 Spnkr

You just need to love the exiled, always willing to group yourself together and break out easily. The Spanker Rocket Launcher, as its name suggests, produces a huge explosion when the rocket touches and almost always defeats your enemy immediately.

VK78 Commando

When you get a commando in a multiplayer game, there is a reason why your AI sounds so excited, because it is just one of the best rifles of the two modes. It is more powerful than a combat rifle, and certainly stronger than the MA40, and it has actual ADS for precision shooting.

Advanced weapons used in battles in Halo Infinite

These may not sweep the entire field like top weapons, but they are certainly powerful forces that cannot be ignored.

Pulse Carbine

Pulse Carbine is good, but not great in multiplayer games, although its privileges shine even more in the battle. Pulse Carbine can track enemies. It is very convenient when you have a few fast-moving grunts attacking you. It will tear the enemy’s shield. Just make sure not to hold down the trigger for too long or it will overheat.

Sentry beam

The Spartans moved quickly. Exile is not. This is all you need to know to use the sentinel beam in a battle. Compared to a battle, it is much easier to melt the enemy in a battle. The exile is not like a human-controlled character jumping and shooting, the beam of light will quickly liquefy.

Shock rifle

Shock Rifle is difficult to use well in multiplayer games because of the long time between shots. It is very powerful, but the biggest advantage is the electric shock effect it causes. The forked lightning will affect a group of nearby enemies. Exile exercise habits make it an ideal choice for crowd control.

Intermediate weapons used in battles in Halo Infinite

None of this is a problem. they are very good. You can do better, but if you lack choices, they will help you finish until you can grab something more interesting and useful.


Mangler performed well in multiplayer games, shredding the shield and knocking down the Spartans in just two attacks. In the battle, Mangler needs at least three shots or more to kill the larger exiles. Long-range damage is reduced, and high recoil makes continuous shooting more difficult. You will encounter many of them in the early days, but they are most suitable as auxiliary weapons.


This is the gun of “We have a sniper rifle at home”. Stalker is a heavy ranged weapon that requires multiple attacks to kill. This is far from ideal, but if you have good goals, it can get the job done.

BR75 combat rifle

If you have played the Halo Infinite ranked competition, you may be familiar with Battle Rifle. It is stronger than the MA40 assault rifle, but there is nothing to brag about. If you are only used to the default rifle, it will take some time to get used to the three-shot burst.

MA40 assault rifle

Although the MA40 Assault Rifle Old Reliable is called a cliché, it is basically the same. The standard default rifle started every adventure before Chief, but that didn’t mean it was worth sticking to. A clip can usually shoot down three or four enemies, but the MA40 is certainly not the most powerful gun.

MK50 partner

Your trusted sidearm is actually a bit more powerful than an assault rifle, but the 15-round magazine and long reload time mean it is not the most practical weapon you can use.


Hydra is a good weapon in theory. It fires six missiles and can even track your enemies, but unlike the multiplayer game of Halo Infinite, you usually deal with more than one enemy in a battle. This is not the wisest choice, unless you use it as an auxiliary gun in a boss battle.

Low-level weapons of the Halo Infinite campaign

These may get you out of cramped spaces, but they are either too limited or too weak, or they are not worth it.

Plasma pistol

Every time the grunting will drop these, it’s no wonder they all die so fast. Due to its shield-damaging ability, the plasma pistol can cause damage to you, but it is not so good for the exile. Even charged shooting is very weak. Unless you can’t handle the shield in any other way, give up on this.


The Disruptor pistol is perfect in multiplayer games because you are dealing with a protected Spartan. In battle, its low rate of fire and high recoil made it less suitable for unshielded exiles.


Bulldog should be fun, and it’s a multiplayer game. The high spread, low range, and thick exiled animal hide means it is of little use in the story of the chief.


Skewer’s situation is too complicated to recommend easily. What if you are dealing with a banished vehicle or a giant boss? perfect. if not? Eh.

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