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The best Pikmin flowers

Want to know everything you need to know Pikmin blooming flowers? Our handy guide will break down the ins and outs of flowers in Pikmin Bloom, Nintendo’s latest mobile game. We will discuss what they do, how to obtain them, and the mysterious charm of big flowers. They are an important part of Niantic’s latest foray into the mobile gaming space, so it’s important to understand why they are so important before you take Pikmin for a long journey.

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What is Pikmin flower?

Fans of the series may know that as the game progresses, flowers will grow on your Pikmin’s head. In the case of Pikmin Bloom, this will happen while you continue to walk. Similarly, you can plant flowers while walking, which will be planted in your local area. These shorten the time required to upgrade your Pikmin, and at the same time increase the points you earn by walking.

However, the main thing is that you will see flowers on your Pikmin companion. When they first appeared in the game, there would be a small spout on their heads. As you continue to walk and feed nectar, they will begin to bloom. These may vary depending on the nectar you feed. For example, pink nectar will make your Pikmin grow pink flowers, and so on.

Once your Pikmin starts planting flowers, it’s time to start walking. Take a few steps, and their flowers will bloom, producing petals that can be collected. This is a thorough process: each Pikmin can drop petals up to six times a day. Just keep tapping your whistle to call out more Pikmin, which should be easier.

What is the best Pikmin flower?

Flower type


White petals The most common type of petals in the game. When it grows into a large flower, it can produce any color.
Yellow petals It is not very common and is used to produce yellow flowers.
Red petals It is becoming rarer and used again to make red flowers.
Blue petals The rarest petal type in the game. It produces blue flowers when growing, which is the most elusive.

There are four kinds of flowers in Pikmin Bloom, with varying degrees of rarity. Therefore, you may want to target the rarest types. The above is a breakdown of the types of flowers available and the differences between them.

As you can see, the differences between Pikmin Bloom flowers are negligible. In fact, they can be compared with the differences between the teams in Pokémon GO. They have different colors, but there is no real gameplay difference.

How do I grow Pikmin flowers?

After collecting petals from your Pikmin, you need to plant them. To do this, just tap the flower icon on the home screen near the whistle. Choose the color petals you want to plant and start walking. The time you have to plant and spend depends on how much you have on hand. Just walk around and the petals will be planted under your feet.

Approximately two to three petals are planted every minute. Planting two petals in the same area has a 5 minute cooldown, so be sure to keep moving to make the most of these consumables.

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These new flowers were planted on the map for the last few days, providing you with a concentrated walking area and encouraging you to develop the habit of stretching your legs outdoors. After planting, the petals can provide a geographic boost to your Pikmin. It will increase the progress of each step and reduce the distance required to upgrade your Pikmin.

How do I get big flowers in Pikmin Bloom?

As mentioned earlier, if you plant petals in a specific way, you can bloom large flowers. These larger plants in the Pikmin ecosystem produce various forms of fruits, and you can order your Pikmin to collect these fruits. The good news is that growing large flowers in Pikmin Bloom is a very simple process and comparable to Pokémon GO.

First of all, it is worth noting that the big flowers mainly grow in public places and attractions in your local area. If you notice that churches, community centers, and other landmarks are used as targets in other Niantic games, then they may be Big Flowers in Pikmin Bloom.

You will see big flowers even before they start to grow. They look like soybean sprouts emerging from the ground. To grow them, you need to plant flowers in the marked area around them. Trying to do this by yourself will look a bit silly once. After all, this is a community effort. Either develop the habit of walking to the site every day, or rely on the help of others to reach that number of flowers.

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After completion, the big flower will bring rare fruits, and your Pikmin must go on an expedition to collect them. The color of the flower that surrounds the large flower during growth will determine its color when it is fully grown. The color of the big flower will affect the type of fruit it drops, so be sure to mix and match to see what kind of fruit it can produce.

This is our Pikmin Bloom flower guide. We have gone through the various types of flowers, how to grow them, and how to grow those elusive large flowers. Happy planting!

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