This experimental application can provide you with an acrylic menu on Windows 10

What annoys many Windows users is that Microsoft retains many Windows 10 On target Windows 11 Visual improvement of the test.

One of them is a translucent menu, which allows some backgrounds to be unobstructed in the menu.

If you are very eager to be Windows 10 Get a little bit of this look on top and don’t want to upgrade to Windows 11, Then there is now a small open source application that allows you to do this.


AcrylicMenus is a small proof-of-concept application that applies acrylic effects to Windows 10 On almost all existing Win32 context menus.

Since the application is experimental and still has bugs, the developers did not design the application to be installed permanently, and users report that it still has some bugs and inconsistencies.

However, if you really want to try it out, pleaseHereCheck out AcrylicMenus on Github.

Written by idroid

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