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How to Find Track or Locate Your Lost Mi 11 Ultra Android Phone Easily | Track Mi 11 Ultra Phone Using IMEI Number

In this post, We will share you  How to Find Track or Locate Your Lost Mi 11 Ultra Android Phone Easily.

If you lost your Mi 11 Ultra phone. you know what a horrible feeling it is,  But there is an easy way to find your Mi 11 Ultra phone.

Locate Your Lost or Stolen  Mi 11 Ultra Phone with Google Find My Device.

Google offers the similar feature to locate all Android device, it also allows you to ring the device, lock the device and erase all data on the device remotely. And now let’s started with the Google service.

Find My Device is a feature by Google for Android-powered devices that lets users track and find their phones, tablet or wearables in case it is accidentally misplaced. The service is offered with every Android smartphone and chances are that if you have signed in with a Google Account, Find My Device will have been enabled by default.

If you are logged into your Google account on your computer’s web browser, finding your Android is extremely easy. Open your web browser on your computer and go to Google. Then, type “find my Android” or “where is my phone.”

Or install the find my device app on another android device. and login to your google account

Now you are able to locate the Mi 11 Ultra device, it will show the current location of the device, if the device has no network connection at the time, it will show the last location of the device. And it also gives you 3 more options: Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device. You can perform these features if needed.

Even if the phone is in silent mode, it will begin ringing for 5 minutes in order for you to locate it if nearby or to alert passers-by.

Next, send a message to the device for anyone who finds the phone. You can add a phone number for someone to call you or a public place for you to meet to pick up the phone.

As a last measure and in cases where it is very hard to rescue a lost phone, the erase device option will let you delete all data on it.

You can’t locate or track your Mi 11 Ultra phone in the above method you can Track your Mi 11 Ultra phone through IMEI Number

Find Track or Locate Your Lost Mi 11 Ultra Phone Using IMEI number

 if you remain unsuccessful in finding your missing phone, there just one last thing to try. If you have the IMEI number of your lost phone handy, you can provide it to the police and lodge a formal complaint of theft or missing. The cybersecurity team will attempt to find the phone through IMEI number.

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