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How to Unlock Bootloader on Poco X2 Pro Phone [Official Working Method] – Easy Step by Step Guide

In this post, We will show you how to Unlock Bootloader on Poco X2 Pro Device easily. A step-by-step guide helps you to unlock Bootloader in Poco X2 Pro using Fastboot commands.

Before you dive up into the post you need to understand the bootloader concepts and what you can do with the Bootloader Unlocked Mi Phones.

What is Bootloader?

In the simplest terms, a bootloader is a piece of software that runs every time your phone starts up. It tells the phone what programs to load in order to make your phone run. The bootloader starts up the Android operating system when you turn on the phone. This is a pretty important job, so it’s very important that nothing goes wrong with it. That’s why phones keep their bootloaders stored in special stable memory.

Poco X2 Pro Mobiles come with a locked bootloader it can prevent users to install the bootloader or other related programs. In case of theft, the intruder easily can bypass all your security by flashing your mobile memory/installing custom rom.

Why Do You Unlock Bootloader in Poco X2 Pro?

Most android users are easily bored with their mobile UI & UX. in that case they want to try some new ROMs. So you need to Unlock the Bootloader in Poco X2 Pro. unlocked bootloader is also required while unbricking your phone by restoring the stock OxygenOS firmware through Fastboot.

Guide to Unlock Bootloader in Poco X2 Pro

We can show you the easiest way to unlock the bootloader in Poco X2 Pro Phone. But before that, you have some prerequisites.

Take a full backup on Poco X2 Pro

This is the most important thing to do before you unlock the bootloader in Poco X2 Pro. Take a full backup of all your important data stored on your phone. When unlocking bootloader it’ll completely erase your all data (Messages, contacts, images, videos).

Install/Update Required USB drivers

You need to Install or update the required drivers for your Mi/Redmi phone. When you are using ADB and Fastboot you must install the required drivers. You can check the latest drivers on the Mi/Redmi official site.

Chare your Poco X2 Pro

We strongly recommend charging your Poco X2 Pro phone before unlocking bootloader. it should above 70% charge to your Mi/Redmi phone.

Unlock Bootloader on Poco X2 Pro phone

Follow each step very carefully to unlock your Poco X2 Pro phone.

Step 1: Make Xiaomi account and Sync your contact number

You need to create an account on Xiaomi’s official website. After creating an account goto -> Mi Account > Mi Cloud > Find Device. In order to update the location, sign in at the Xiaomi cloud website on a computer, click on “Find Device” and choose your current device.

Step 2: Mi Unlock in the Developer option

Open the device settings > Tap on About phone > Scroll down and tap on MIUI version slot five times. This will unlock the developer options in your MIUI device which can be located under “Additional Settings.”

In the Developer options, go to the “Mi Unlock Status” and tap on “Add account and device” in order to authorize Xiaomi to unlock the device associated with the account.

  • Next go Settings → Additional settings → Developer Option.
  • Now, Tap on Developer Option → Then Turn on the toggle button OEM Unlocking and USB debugging options.
  • Then, Power off your Xiaomi Mi/Redmi device.
  • Press Volume Down and Power Button simultaneously for a couple of seconds to activate a fastboot mode

Step 3 : Unlock Bootloader on Poco X2 Pro

  • Download the Mi Unlock Tool to your PC and extract it. (To download, see the download section)
  • Now open the extracted folder, then open “miflash_unlock” and select “Agree”.
  • Next Sign in with your Mi Account, which was connected with your phone.
  • Then Click on the ”Unlock” Button.


  • After that if asked, Click on “Unlock Anyway” and proceed.
  • Now the unlocking process will start, wait some time for ”Unlocked Successfully” message.

Now. you’ve successfully unlocked bootloader on Poco X2 Pro phone.

In case any error occurred in the final step then you have to wait for 168 hours, which will be approximately 1 week or seven days.

After that, again, try the same steps shown above, and you will now be able to unlock the bootloader on the Xiaomi smartphones.

Check Bootloader Unlocked Status in Poco X2 Pro Phone

  • go to Settings App.
  • Now go to Additional Settings → Developer Options.
  • Then tap on Mi Unlock Status.
  • You can see the ”This device is unlocked” message.

If you faced any problem with performing this tutorial, please let us know by dropping a comment below. Our team will reply to you back as soon as possible.

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