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War zone: how to get the “robot” lobby

Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty Warzone are now merged.

The fusion between the two games has pushed some Cold War weapons to the top of the theater leaderboard.

The new Rebirth Island map is very popular among players because it provides a fast-paced environment different from Verdansk.

Although SBMM is still in the competition, you may wish to face some easier competition during the competition.

This is the way to enter the “robot” lobby!

Methodical approach

According to content creator Raratoman, players have been using a method to ensure that they enter the lobby more easily.

With reverse promotion, the method uses a website to display the average K/D ratio of the lobby and other factors that determine the difficulty of the lobby.

For more details, check out the video here.


It is difficult to say exactly how players weakened their lobby.

We know that skill-based matching is implemented in the multiplayer component of Warzone and the two games.

This will take into account your overall performance in certain halls.

For example:

  • K/D
  • win%

Take it into consideration when playing in the war zone.

Therefore, the better your performance in several Warzone games, the higher your SBMM will be.

Therefore, if you want to enter the “robot” lobby; then you will need to behave worse than usual within a few days.

This may irritate some of you, but in the long run, it can lead to some easier matches!

If you have tried this method and how effective it is, please let us know!

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