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WeMo expands its home security product line with smart video doorbell

Wemo is known for its easy-to-use smart home products, but its lineup has always been small compared to its competitors. Wemo smart plug is in ourThe list of the best smart plugsHas a place, but the company has never focused on family safety-until now.Today atOn CES 2022, WeMo released the WeMo smart video doorbell.

This video doorbell has a 178-degree field of view and a 4 megapixel camera. With the enhanced night vision and zoom function, you can not only pay attention to what is happening at your door, but also what is happening in the yard. The Wemo smart video doorbell is specially designed for use with HomeKit secure video, which also means that it can be easily set up and managed through the Home App.

The WeMo smart video doorbell has a rather bulky appearance, with the top flared out and a doorbell button at the bottom. It is simplified and easy to use; no guest will want to know what button needs to be pressed to ring the doorbell.

One of the main benefits of using HomeKit secure video is that all shots are analyzed on the user’s device. This means that any lens has higher security, and the intelligence on the device is used to distinguish people, pets, and cars instead of sending them to the cloud. Video is also encrypted end-to-end.

In addition to the Wemo smart video doorbell, Wemo is upgrading all of its most popular products-including Wemo smart plugs, Wemo smart light switches and Wemo smart dimmers-to support Matter over Thread. WeMo is working with the Connected Standards Alliance and Thread Group to simplify the setup and operation of these products.

Wemo is just the latest of many companies to join the Matter and Thread movement. This connection eliminates the need for a complicated setup process, meaning that devices that normally don’t work together can quickly work together like peanut butter and jelly.

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