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Why Sentinel was accused of cheating in the Halo Infinite tournament

The way Sentinels cheated in the Halo Infinite Championship seemed so strange that they were accused of cheating. Eric’ Snip3down’ Wrona took the time to explain what happened and why so many teams asked for an investigation. They force one of their players to establish a better connection by using an application called Geofilter, which helps players cheat to get a lower ping.

This is more like Halo Infinite’s cheating speculation-until Sentinels starts deleting all evidence before the investigation takes place.

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Halo Infinite Sentinel cheat

That’s right. Mathew’Royal2′ Fiorante, the so-called Halo Infinite Sentinel cheater, deleted all video games that could prove their innocence or guilt. After OpTic Gaming and other teams requested an investigation, Royal2 immediately deleted these videos.

This is the description of Snip3down, but I have a tl;dr version directly below the video:

The working principle of the geographic filter is to make the player’s ping on the server reach the best state, at the expense of others. The Halo Infinite team Sentinels always use Texas servers, but they use San Francisco servers in the games they win. It is far away from Canada where Royal2 is located, but he hardly encountered any problems in the game.

The following is his teammate’s (horrible) attempt to explain why Royal2 deleted the evidence:

Sentinel’s equipment had a lot of problems beforehand, resulting in waiting hours. Due to the suspicious nature of sentinels, no team will play with them now until the actual investigation is conducted.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas? When so many teams think this is suspicious, is it worth investigating? Is this the same as deleting the evidence before the investigation? Or are people just angry about coincidences?

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