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Will Meta Quest 3 have Bluetooth?

If you want to know whether Meta Quest 3 can be equipped with Bluetooth, then we have answered for you.

This is our view on the matter and what type of Bluetooth can be used on Quest 3 and what this connection allows you to do.

Will Meta Quest 3 have Bluetooth?

It may make sense for Quest 3 to fully support Bluetooth, as this may be a key area where a new generation of headsets can improve the current Quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2 only has an experimental Bluetooth mode, which is not very useful if you want to use any wireless headset, so if Quest 3 includes it, this is definitely a step in the right direction for the new headset.

What type of Bluetooth can be used with Quest 3?

Judging from the current situation, the latest generation of Bluetooth is Bluetooth 5.3 launched in July 2021. Compared with Bluetooth 5.2, it brings some small improvements, but it has not yet entered any devices.

Therefore, the latest available standard is Bluetooth 5.2, which was announced and released in December 2019. This leads to innovations such as LE Audio, which, for example, will allow supported devices to have longer battery life.

By the time Meta Quest 3 is released, Bluetooth 5.3 may become more popular, so it may use that standard.

Or, if Bluetooth 5.4 comes out before the headset’s release date, then it can even use it if it is adopted quickly.

What can I do with Quest 3 with a Bluetooth connection?

In short, native Bluetooth connectivity will expand Quest 3’s list of available devices, especially in the audio department.

Many of the best wireless headsets and gaming headsets use Bluetooth connections, and as far as the current situation is concerned, Quest headsets cannot take advantage of this.

Having Bluetooth will enable users to use their current Bluetooth headsets for game audio, which is very convenient if you want to keep any wires to a minimum, especially considering that you may not need a PC to use Quest 3, so you actually You can keep your VR gaming experience wireless on.

You can also use the Bluetooth connection to pair any other game controller with the headset. The experimental mode of Quest 2 specifically implies that this is its dedicated purpose, so it makes sense to extend it to Quest 3.

We will provide you with more VR news, guides and information soon, so please be sure to contact us as soon as possible. If you want to take advantage of more, please don’t forget that Meta Quest Pro may be on the road when the release date of the VR headset is coming. At the time, it will power the VR headset.

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