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Windows 11 Beta released: how to download and install

Windows 11 Pro Where can I download the latest version of the ISO file?how to downloadOriginal pure version of Win11?click to enter Continually updated!

How to get Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.100

  1. You first need to join the Windows Insider Program.To do this, go to“set up” >”Update and security” >” Windows Insider Program”, Then click“getting Started”.
  2. You need to register your Windows account in the Windows Insider Program. The prompt will give you a registration option. click it.
  3. Another tip will give you some details about the Windows Insider Program.Click onregister.
  4. Read and agree to the terms of the agreement, then clicksubmit.
  5. Click on the next promptclosure.
  6. The registration process will now begin and you will be asked to link your account, select “Link account”Option and select any account you want to link, then click “continue”.
  7. Next, select the channel you want to join.Microsoft Recommend Beta channel. Click “confirm”And again in the next prompt “confirm”.
  8. When you are done, selectRestart NowRestart your PC.
  9. returnset up>Update and security, Then clickCheck for updates.
  10. Your Windows 11 The latest beta version should start downloading. Wait for it to finish downloading and installing.
  11. Upon completion, you will have an immediateRebootOption, click it.
  12. You will now boot to Windows 11.
Download the latest versionWindows 11 Pro ISO file:click to enter Continue to update the original pure version of Win11

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