Windows 11 Build 22000.160 (KB5005189) released new features

Windows 11 Build 22000.160 (KB5005189) Has been released for Windows Insider (Development and Beta), which contains multiple bug fixes and improvements. In addition to the new preview version, Microsoft has also begun to introduce an upgraded version of the Clock application, which brings a new feature called “Focus Sessions”.

Patches are marked as “Windows 11 Cumulative Update (10.0.22000.160) (KB5005189)”, it will be installed automatically along with the Security Intelligence Update. A new Windows Defender security update is also being launched, which contains general fixes.

Windows 11 KB5005189 Only includes general quality improvements, but a new feature is being passed Microsoft Store update launched. This new feature is called “Focus Sessions” and it is part of the native clock application. Use Focus Session,Microsoft Plan to combine Microsoft To-Do and Spotify The advantages to help users stay focused and efficient.


As shown in the figure above and below,Windows 11 Build 22000.160 Now allows you to start from Microsoft Select the task in To-Do and select from Spotify To select a song. The music will play during your focus session, and you can set the length of time you want to focus on the session.


Windows 11 Build 22000.160 Has the following functions:

  • Focus timer. You can set goals and configure the time in the clock.
  • Spotify Integration: Good music can reduce the chance of distraction,Windows 11 Focus Session will use your Spotify An account to help you find the perfect audio to reduce distractions.
  • Microsoft To-Do: If you don’t have access to your goals and to-do items, the focus meeting is incomplete.Thankfully, Microsoft is Windows 11 To-Fo integration is enabled in to help you manage your tasks without having to manually switch between apps. Your to-do list will be automatically synced in the background.
  • Habit formation: You can also set daily goals and challenge yourself to stay focused.

Of course, there is also a dashboard that will tell you the number of breaks and the current progress of tasks and goals.

Windows 11 Build 22000.160 (KB5005189) New improvements

In addition to the new focus session feature, we have also received new improvements and bug fixes in this version

For example,Microsoft The feature of Windows Update is being updated, which allows you to check the estimated time required for the update to restart. As the company is working to improve the reliability of HDD devices to accurately predict the installation time, this feature is now limited to devices with SSDs.

Windows 11 Build 22000.160 Also fixed the problem of the taskbar. For example, the problem that the location icon does not work properly has been fixed.

Android apps are not supported

when Windows 11 When it was officially released on June 24, Microsoft also confirmedAndroid apps are finally coming to the app store. Android applications will use the Windows subsystem for Linux and the Windows subsystem for Android in Windows 11 Run on.

Thanks to advancements in the Windows subsystem for Linux, users will be able to install their favorite Android locally and integrate them into the start menu or taskbar. Android apps will be available through Microsoft The Amazon App Store in the Store is partially downloaded, but users will be able to sideload APK files.

Unfortunately, Android application support is nowhere to be seen, and there is not much technical information about the new features of Windows 11.We look forward to providing more information in the coming days

How to install Windows 11 KB5005189

want Install Windows 11 KB5005189 (Build 22000.160), Please use the following steps:

  1. Open the start menu.
  2. Open Settings> Windows Update.
  3. Click Check for updates.
  4. If the download or installation is not complete, click the “Download” button to start the process.
  5. Restart when prompted or click the “Restart now” button.

Windows updates are available in the Dev or Beta channel.If the update does not appear on your device for download, make sure you have a compatible device orModify the registry value to bypass the requirementAnd install updates on unsupported devices.

Build 22000.160 Known issues in

Windows 11 Build 22000.160 With the following known issues:

  • The text you entered may not be detected by the start menu.
  • The system and Windows terminal shortcuts will disappear from the right-click menu.
  • The taskbar will flash, and the search panel may not open.
  • Bluetooth low energy devices may face connectivity and reliability issues.
  • The widget menu may appear empty.
  • Quality issues in the Windows Store.
  • Microsoft Teams chat may freeze or display black images, but there is a workaround: you can pin and unpin the video to solve the problem.
  • In Teams Chat, the previous call will not be automatically held, and you can access your voice or video during two calls.

If you are Build 22000.160 A new issue is discovered in, you can uninstall this particular patch at any time and roll back the changes. To do this, go to Windows Update> Update History> Uninstall Updates> Control Panel. Or enter the advanced troubleshooting screen from the boot menu and navigate to the advanced options and select the uninstall option.

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