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Windows 11 build 22454: in-depth overview of features and errors

what is Windows 11 Build 22454, should you install it?

Windows 11 What are the new features in build 22454?

  • Improvements to the context menu of the recycle bin

Not all components of the operating system use the same context menu, which makes the user interface look inconsistent.

This issue has been resolved in this version, and the Recycle Bin now has a modern context menu like other elements.

We have to admit that we like this new change, and its improvements make the entire interface look more coherent.

  • Fast access and network sharing improvements

This is a small but welcome change that will help users who share files over the network. With this update, network shares can be added to Quick Access more quickly.

Before you had to click in the context menuShow more optionsTo enter the fixed option, but now you can directly perform this operation.

Most users may not even notice this change, but if you use network sharing, this is a welcome change.

  • Improved Korean name

The Korean IME now has a new visual design, with an acrylic background, support for dark mode, and improved selection visual effects.


In addition, there are performance and compatibility improvements. This feature is slowly being rolled out to some Insiders in the Dev Channel, but over time, all members can use it.

This is a welcome change for all Korean users, and we hope Microsoft IME will continue to be improved in the future.


Windows 11 Build 22454 errors

  • Installation stuck

Users reported that they were unable to install the Dev version because it was stuck at about 50% during the installation process.

This is a major problem, if you encounter it, you should try to wait a few hours to complete the installation.

If this does not help, you may even want to consider performing a clean install orwill Windows 11 Reset to factory settings.

  • The taskbar is not centered correctly

The main problem with this version reported by most users is that the taskbar is not centered correctly, and we ran into this problem on a test PC.

In addition, if there are many icons in the taskbar, some of them will be hidden behind the system tray. Regardless of the resolution you use, this issue seems to affect both single-monitor and multi-monitor settings.


Few users report that setting 100% zoom can solve the problem on the 1080p screen, but this is just an unreliable solution.Microsoft We are aware of this failure and we expect it to be repaired soon.

As you can see, this version does not bring too many bugs, but it seems that the Taskbar problem is affecting a large number of users.

how to install Windows 11 build 22454?

  1. Click “Start button.
  2. Now navigate toSettings.
  3. Go toWindows updatepart.
  4. Windows will now check for available updates and start downloading available updates.
  5. After downloading the update, the installation process will start in the background.
  6. When it’s done, you will be asked to restart, so be sure to click “Restart”Button.
  7. Wait now, don’t shut down your computer while the new version is installed.

If you can’t access the settings, be sure to visit ourWindows 11 Settings app crashesGuide to learn how to solve this problem.

Windows 11 Is build 22454 worth installing?

This version brings some features, most of which are just minor visual changes, such as the modern context menu of the recycle bin.

Welcome to improve the network sharing menu, but if you don’t use file sharing, you might not even notice it.

The biggest problem with this version is the taskbar error, even if it does not cause any major problems (such as crashes), it will interfere with your daily work.

So, should you install this version? The improvements are not worth noting, and new bugs will discourage some users.

The biggest reason for the update is bug fixes, but due to the inconsistency of the taskbar, you may have to wait until Microsoft Solve this problem.

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