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Windows 11 error causes color rendering issues on HDR monitors

icrosoft has confirmed an impact operation Windows 11 New issue for version 21H2 devices, which use Win32 API in certain high dynamic range (HDR) monitorApps that render colors on may not work as expected.

HDRmonitorThe color range of is significantly increased because they support a wider color gamut, which produces more vivid colors than the standard dynamic range (SDR), and because they add support for more tones, colors are more accurate.

However, due to this newly confirmed Windows 11 Wrong, customers may experience color rendering issues.

“Install Windows 11 Later, some image editing programs may not be able to play in some HDR monitorDisplays colors correctly on the Internet,” Microsoft said on the Windows Health Dashboardexplain.

“This is often observed in white, and it may be displayed in bright yellow or other colors. This problem occurs when certain color rendering Win32 APIs return unexpected information or errors under certain conditions.”

Microsoft Added that not all profile management programs are affected by this known issue.

In addition, on the settings page Windows 11 Color profile options (e.g. Microsoft The color control panel) should run normally on the affected system.

The fix will be launched in late January

Redmond is currently working on a fix, which is expected to be released in late January.

If you are showing from Windows 11 I’m having problems with HDR content on my PC, and Microsoft is stillOn this support pageProvides some repair measures you can take.

In related news, MicrosoftFixed anotherAffect the Windows Insider buildWindows 11 Problem, and after using the Windows Installer system tool (formerly known as Microsoft Installer) to repair or updatePrevent apps from opening.

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